JQL Help with ScriptRunner

find issues with no links

I was asked to find all issues in the previous 3 Sprints that are not linked to anything. Fortunately we have Adaptavist ScriptRunner, so I just ran this:

Sprint in (411, 413, 415) AND issueFunction not in hasLinks()

Unfortunately, you only get Jira keys in the result, and you would have to open each one to see details (ie: issuetype, Summary). One of our protocols is to ensure that every Story worked on in Engineering is linked to a Feature issuetype. We categorize our versions by Features.

I had to go back and update this post:

  • removed project filter because these Sprints were already in the Engineering Project and it was superfluous.
  • removed status because that wasn’t the ‘ask’. Not all issues get completed in a sprint, so you might want to add that.
  • removed a check by resolved date and didn’t need that either.