Jira Good Practice

Don’t Give Away Jira Admin Access

Today an engineer needed access to production Jira custom field IDs. Should I give him Jira Admin access?

Background: Jarod (name changed to protect the innocent) has access to Jira Administration in our dev Jira environment to test an API. The problem is that the current Jira Admins (#guilty) replaced fields in Jira prod but did not reflect updates in dev (that’s for another post – do what I say, not what I do). This means that he will be testing in dev Jira but fields in prod will be different. (sorry, Jarod!).

Instead of handing out Jira Admin access for x amount of time, I showed him how to find custom field IDs using the Issues > Search process.

  1. Select Issues > Search
  2. Select Advanced search (where you can type in JQL by hand)
  3. Start typing custom field name; the auto-complete area will show the ID next to the field name

Here was the result of my Google search, which almost always brings up results from Atlassian Community: How to find Jira Custom Field ID

If you’re not an Atlassian Community member, you should really consider it. There is a lot of good information out there; it helps to feel not-so-alone in your quandaries.