About the Author

This is a blog for aspiring Jira Administrators. As I learn, you learn.

Since 2017, I’ve been teaching myself Jira Administration and helping others to learn the tool and follow protocol. I’m ACP-600 Project Administration in Jira Server certified and working on my badges and extra certs.

Disclaimer: I do not install Atlassian products and do not have experience in that yet, hence I call myself a Super-User. Anything I learn or any aha! moment, I will post in this blog.

I started as a programmer in the 90s and gradually migrated to Project Management; which means that I have the techie brain/mindset, but haven’t kept up with the latest language.

I’ve been a freelance WordPress developer (15yrs). I’ve created flowcharts, data flow diagrams, user flows and wireframe mapping, but my passion is in helping others succeed and figuring out problems; typically that involves wrapping my brain around a software tool and then teaching others and creating process docs.

Way back, I was an Encyclopedia Administrator for ADW/Knowledgeware software which meant I was responsible for check-in/check-out process for common modules (pre Github) and ensured everything stayed in sync. And yes, I even coded in COBOL.

Luckily Atlassian products have been around for a while and most any problem someone has addressed in the past, can help us today. Join the Atlassian Community and see what’s out there.